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Abgeschickt von Joerg am 30 Juni, 2009 um 10:29:29:

Antwort auf: Do you use sealing-compound on your oil-pump cover? von AliBaba - HPN661 am 30 Juni, 2009 um 10:06:25:


: Lately there has been an oil-leak and it is hard to see if it is the crank-seal or the oil-pump o-ring so I decided to change both.

If it looked like the one in the picture, then it was the crankshaft O-Ring ;-)

: When I removed the oil-pump cover I saw that Motoren Israel had used a thin coat off sealing-compound (and the o-ring). Is this recommended?

Short answer: No. It is not used at the factory, the BMW workshop manual does not mention anything about this, and I reinstalled my oil pump cover a while ago without sealant, too ... only with a new O-ring. Up to now this is still dry (knock on wood! ;-)

Cheers from a hot summer in Lausanne,

- Joerg


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