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Abgeschickt von AliBaba am 30 Juni, 2009 um 14:05:10:

Antwort auf: Yes von Joerg am 30 Juni, 2009 um 13:07:17:

: That still leaves you 5 full days. In that time you could still overhaul the heads, gearbox, and the final drive :-))

Hehe, the heads are fine and I think the final drive is okay.
The gearbox has never been opened and itís pretty high mileage (215 kkm). I poured all the oil through a coffee filter (time consuming) and it was totally clean, ingoing and outgoing bearing feels okay. It shifts easy and no extreme noises but I will probably look at it when the winter arrives. As I said last year, and the year before...

But donít worry Joerg, beside some work and other last-minutes preparations I will manage to fill my days :-)


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