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Abgeschickt von Joerg am 30 Juni, 2009 um 13:07:17:

Antwort auf: Re: No von AliBaba am 30 Juni, 2009 um 12:22:32:

Hi again,

: It might be the same leak but I think itís smart to change both the seal and the o-ring.

My local BMW dealership definitively recommends to change not only the crankcase seal and its associated O-ring, but also the O-Ring of the oil pump and the Simmerring at the entrance of the gearbox. I agree, since these small parts cost much less than the crankcase O-ring ... and it's certainly embarrassing to have to disassemble the whole drivetrain and to rip the gearbox off the bike for a part that costs a few cents ...

(... who said "gearbox hairpin spring" ... ? ;-)

: I have checked my factory-manual and as you say it doesnít mention sealing-compound. The clearance between the cover and the rotor should be very tight (0.025-0.070 mm) and Iím afraid that the sealant will mess this up.

AOL ... I mean, "mee too" ;-)

: What makes me wonder is that I trust Motoren Israel and Iím not sure if they did it by mistake or if it was for a reason.

Would be interesting to know ... there is no reason why a properly installed O-Ring would not do the job. And I don't want any foreign matter in an oil pump :-)

: Arrghh, Iím leaving on Monday and I donít want an oil-dripping trip.

That still leaves you 5 full days. In that time you could still overhaul the heads, gearbox, and the final drive :-))


- Joerg


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