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Abgeschickt von hansen am 29 November, 2002 um 13:49:01:

Antwort auf: Re: Single seat for R80 GS Basic von kai haubold am 29 November, 2002 um 12:16:47:

: : Hi All!
: : Is there anyone out there in GS Basic-land who's fitted a single seat?

: : I own a Q-Tech prepared GS Basic fitted with a 33-liter G/S PD-tank and original rear frame and I would like to have the possibility to use a single seat.

: : My idea is to keep the rear frame, use the single seat from an R100 GS PD (for comfort) and adapt the luggage rack from the combined single seat/rack from an R80 G/S PD. Reason is I want to keep the possibility to lock the single seat and also swap to the dual seat easily.
: : It will take some bending and welding but that's no problem.

: : Any ideas??

: : Rgds
: : Mr MR

: Hi Mr MR,

: as I understand you want to keep the original frame, installing single seat from GS and luggage rack from G/S single seat combination. Also you want to keep 32l PD-tank.
: Good idea, but this doesn´t fit without some modifications.
: 1. single seat from GS doesn´t fit exactly to 32l G/S-PD-tank (the top needs to be modified)
: 2. single seat from GS doesn´t fit to luggage rack from G/S (for G/S the single seat and rack are mounted together by screews; for GS both parts are mounted seperatly on the rack)
: 3. You may have some problems to "click" your seat/rack-combi-idea into the lock of the original frame (the lengh may not match ...)

: ...but nothing is impossibl,
: so long and good luck
: Kai

Hi Matz,

the standard double seat of the GS Basic fits the old G/S-models without any changes. Vice versa the original G/S-PD single seat should fit the Basic as well. The additional rear supports for the single seat luggage rack are mounted at the indicator holders.

Maybe you can borrow a G/S PD single seat somewhere to try it?



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