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Abgeschickt von Matz Rosenquist am 29 November, 2002 um 15:52:42

Antwort auf: Re: Single seat for R80 GS Basic von hansen am 29 November, 2002 um 13:49:01:

Hi Hansen!

>the standard double seat of the GS Basic fits >the old G/S-models without any changes. Vice >versa the original G/S-PD single seat should fit >the Basic as well.
Yes, I think it does. Did try once but I do not want the G/S PD seat as it's just too uncomfortable. You sit too high and the seat feels kind of "woobly" as the foam is too thick. Could be modified of course....

>The additional rear supports for the single seat >luggage rack are mounted at the indicator >holders.
Yes, easily manufactured or ordered.

>Maybe you can borrow a G/S PD single seat >somewhere to try it?
A friend of mine has one of each. Problem is he lives almost 200 km's away!

Before doing anything, I wanted to know if there's anyone in Germany who's done this. BMW's are pretty scarce up here, and only roughly 15 of the Basic's have been imported.
I've been in contact with Siebenrock and they've done a similar thing by taking the complete rack/seat from the R100GS PD and shortened the rack a bit. But then the lock could not be used of course.

Rgds and Thanks!


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