Re: Single seat for R80 GS Basic

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Abgeschickt von der andere Hans am 29 November, 2002 um 19:46:49:

Antwort auf: Re: Single seat for R80 GS Basic von hansen am 29 November, 2002 um 13:49:01:

Hello Hansen,

> the standard double seat of the GS Basic fits the old G/S-models without any changes.
>Vice versa the original G/S-PD single seat should fit the Basic as well.
Nope, it doesn't. Been there, tried and failed. I hve a R 80G/S with single seat and a R 100 GS-PD with single seant and we tried to mount both seats onto the Basic of a friend of mine.
The problem is, that the Basic has a different frame end. Different from the GS (Paralever) and different from the ones of G/S (Monolever).

It might work with the singel seat of the G/S, if one waives the luggage rack that can be mounted to the single seat. The pieces, that attach the rack with the seat are the problem. That's why neither the old single seat nor the newer one fits onto a Basic rear frame.



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