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Abgeschickt von stefan am 11 Februar, 2002 um 15:43:10

Antwort auf: Re: macht nix von Marcel am 10 Februar, 2002 um 21:35:14:

Hi Marcel,
thank you for your response
: : das ist die normale temperatur bei autobahnheizen. das kannst Du so lassen.
: Are you sure the engine isn't running too lean ?
the engine is running perfect
: No air-leaks ?
no air leaks
: Ignition timing o.k.?
yes, it is ok
: I think 150 degrees is too much, at what speed you're riding ?
>160km/h, 140-150 is OK; 160C is hard, >165C you should change the oil after 3.000km
: Which oil you're using ?
normally mineral oil 15W40, but if I drive the GS without oilcooler I chose 20W50
: Maybe you could try a different brand, like Bel-Ray EXR 20W50
the cheapest oil (no synthetic) which fullfill the bmw-requirrements is ok for the 2V engine and most economic;
I change it frequenly after 7.000km (+/- 3.000km)
regards , muhgruss stefan


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