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Abgeschickt von stefan am 13 Februar, 2002 um 15:44:56

Antwort auf: Re: macht nix von Marcel am 13 Februar, 2002 um 13:27:08:

Hi Marcel,
167000km,`83 engine, nice.
at the piston/cylinder/pistonring area you have about 300C, at the main bearings about 180C.
in this temperature range the lubrication is perfect. but the hot oil (hot in the oilpan, more than 150C - up to 165C) is aging fast and loosing the qualities, soon.
Regards, muhgruss stefan

: I don't have a GS, but a 83 R100 drove it 167.000 km.
: About the oil temp. I always thought that at 150 Degrees C. the oil didn't lubricate anymore, and the oil would oxydize very fast


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