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Abgeschickt von Jörg am 31 Januar, 2002 um 16:45:12

Antwort auf: 1043 cc von Matz Rosenquist am 31 Januar, 2002 um 14:27:15:

Hi Matz,

: I'm about to import a 2'nd-hand R80 GS Basic to Sweden. It's equippped with 1043cc HPN-cylinders, which is also stated in the German "KFZ.-Brief". The bike will not be able to be registred here due to the bigger capacity. There is the "gutachten" which allows the use of these cylinders in Germany, but it will not be accepted by the Swedish authorities.
: To be able to register the bike I must either have a document from BMW stating that the bike applies to the rules regarding strength of the frame, braking power and the soundlevel. This document will not be given by BMW in Sweden. Or BMW Germany I suppose. The other possiblity is to re-convert the engine to std capacity (temporarily!), but that does not appeal to me for a number of reasons.

: So my question to you all is: Is there anyone out there in BMW-land who's got a document I could use, issued by BMW and which states the frame and brakes does take the extra power of the bigger cylinders, and that I could show the Swedish authorities as proof??

I' don't have the paper(s) you are looking for, but perhaps this experience can help:

I recently asked the Swiss authorities over here as I want...ed to put 1000-ccm cylinders on my R80GS. I was very positively surprised to hear that "if the manufacturer says it is feasible and safe, why should we want to say something different" ? (Q riders in Germany: now, think about a TÜV Prüfer saying this!!)

They only insist that the vehicule in question should correspond to the noise/emission guidelines at the time the vehicule was build (!).

So it might be a question of finding a suitable, "technically inspired" contact person at the concerned office.

(The problem in my particular case was that I wanted to "upgrade" the cylinders only, without changing the rest - i.e. keeping 32mm carbs etc. I contacted BMW Switzerland and finally BMW München in that issue, but they only have a "Gutachten" for this modification when cylinders AND carburetors AND final transmission are changed. So I'll stick with 800 ccm ;-)

Hope this improves your mood,

- Jörg


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