Re: Experience from Switzerland (was: 1043 cc)

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Abgeschickt von Matz Rosenquist am 01 Februar, 2002 um 09:29:36

Antwort auf: Experience from Switzerland (was: 1043 cc) von Jörg am 31 Januar, 2002 um 16:45:12:

Hi Jörg!

: So it might be a question of finding a suitable, "technically inspired" contact person at the concerned office.
Very true!! I have some contacts but not on the right level! And buying a bike for around EUR6000 and not be able to use it, well I'm not into that kind of money!!

: "Gutachten" for this modification when cylinders AND carburetors AND final transmission are changed. So I'll stick with 800 ccm ;-)
This points to another problem: You have to go all the way, not just pick the goodies out of the cake and skip the rest.

: Hope this improves your mood,
All support is appreciated!



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