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Abgeschickt von Matthias am 16 Januar, 2002 um 13:27:34

Antwort auf: 1100 swingarm on r 80 frame von Marco am 16 Januar, 2002 um 11:43:55:

Hi Marco!

Still modifying your bike? Why do you want to
change the rear wheel into 18"? With the original
1100GS wheel you can either mount tube-type or
tubeless tyres and need no tyreholder when driving
off-road with low pressure...

But let me try to answer your questions:
I'm quite sure BMW does not use own spokes. You
should be able to use any spoke, but take MX ones
(4mm or more diameter) because of the heavy cardan, and no stainless ones (may tear). The main
problem you will have are the different angles the
spokes have with "cross spokes", because they are
fixed at the border of the rim instead of the middle. But it should work (did at least at my
bike, but on the 21" front wheel)

For the cardan mofification should better should
asked the companies directly, e.g. HPN or Gletter


: Good morning all,

: I'm going to mount a 1100 swingarm on my bike (early r 80 frame) and I have a couple of questions:

: 1) what kind of spokes do you use to convert the original "crossed spokes" 1100 gs rear wheel into a standard 18'' rim?. Are they standard BMW modified or specific made?

: 2) I 'd like to get more information regarding cardan shaft modifications.

: Unfortunately I cannot understand german so I would thank you very much for applying in english (or Italian.......)

: Ciao


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