Re: 1100 swingarm on r 80 frame

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Abgeschickt von Matthias am 16 Januar, 2002 um 15:40:29

Antwort auf: Re: 1100 swingarm on r 80 frame von Marco am 16 Januar, 2002 um 15:25:35:

Hi Marco, I'm fine, thany you!
The bike is not repaired yet, it stands in the
garage and wits for the reamination :-)
In the meantime I bought an KTM adventure
for my next desert trip (tuareg rallye in march)...
After changing the wing, do you want to sell the
TAG wing???
The problem with the 18" rim is that the secondary transmission inside of the cardan is calculated
for a 17" rim. If you mount a 18" wheel your bike
will be have a longer transmission (should be no
problem with yout 1043cc motor).


: Hi Matthias, how are you?
: Did you repair your bike after the multi-crash in the desert?

: Well, now my bike mounts a TAG alu rear arm with a 18" rear wheel and I'm going to change it with the 1100 paralever. There are two main reasons to keep the 18" wheel: the first is that I have a stock of 18" Michelin Desert tires at home, the second is that the size is written on my bike papers and it's difficult and expensive to change it.

: My idea was to mount the 1100 swingarm with a right side shock Ohlins, welding an aluminium reinforced plate on the top side of the arm.

: I bought a r 1150 gs paralever but unfortunately I realized that it was too wide for the old r 80 frame. Now I found the 1100 one and I'm ready to start my work.

: Thank you for your help and hope to meet you soon somewhere

: Ciao
: Marco


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