Re: Scheibenbr. 320 mm Stahl versus 285 mm Guss

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Abgeschickt von Matz Rosenquist am 08 Dezember, 2000 um 10:31:41

Antwort auf: Re: Scheibenbr. 320 mm Stahl versus 285 mm Guss von Stefan am 06 Dezember, 2000 um 20:59:27:

Hi again!

: "gutachten" can make man crazy.
Yes indeed! We've been very lucky lately, as the authorities has let go of the grip on motorcycles. Today it's simple to make a bike pass the yearly MOT, and it's also easy to have a modified bike "homologated". And importing bikes is a piece of cake. All this due to the EC.

: Do you have enough light (smile) on your GS to recognize the "Elch" in front of you on the road to use your fantastic ironcast brake in time?
Yes, anyway I had, a couiple of relays did the job. Sold the bike some years ago, to able to buy my HPN. But I actually got another R80 G/S PD the other this weekend. It's in a horrible state, and needs a complete overhaul.

:I think it`s dark in Sweden.
Especially now, not in the summer !!!!

HPN GS1000 frameno 3
BMW R1100 GS
BMW R80 G/S PD (not the bike mentioned above)
YAMAHA PW 50 (NO, it's not mine!)


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