Re: Camshaft virbrations.

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Abgeschickt von Sven-Erik Tiberg am 17 September, 2002 um 16:35:47

Antwort auf: Re: Camshaft virbrations. von Volker Martin am 16 September, 2002 um 23:06:49:

Hi Volker.

Vielen dank fuer deine anwort, I hab es alles verstanden.

Your translation are very god, have had a look at the camshaft lager and are tempted to get one. Motoren Israel are stating a tolerance of H6, have to open my engine and check my play both front and rear. Hope to do it this winter.

The Q are if I'm having to large play rear, what to do. And could this be the course if noise in front of the engine by uprew from idle. And the followup Q: if you can hear in front how much are the cam moving / vibrating.

Talked by phone yesterday to a fellow wrencher that has a tuned and used cam with frontbearring in his garage, he should check it up and phone me.

This doesn't seem to be a big issue, but it's a problem with engines with heawy valvetrains / valvesprings like the krausser engine. An could also affect normal tuned 2 -valve engines.

Would appreciate if anyone has some figures on innerdiameter on used cambearring if there are some diff. in different directions.

/bg Sven-Erik Tiberg


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