Re: Camshaft virbrations.

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Abgeschickt von Volker Martin am 16 September, 2002 um 23:06:49:

Antwort auf: Camshaft virbrations. von Sven-Erik Tiberg am 16 September, 2002 um 21:50:49:


In the catalogue of the german company Israel ( is a replacement part listet, that might help you.

It is the front bearing of the camshaft.

Translation of the text of their page:
Noise from the valves although the valve play is correct?

Most BMW have a camshaft bearing made of aluminium. This has two disadvantages:

1. wearout
2. Aluminium expands two times more than steel while getting wormer

The camshaft can elude during the valvestroke and the valve play is bigger. Because the camshaft bearing made from castiron with bronze bearing is not longer available from BMW, we decided to make this part by ourselfs. The camshaft is fitted to H6 (hole basis fit) and has very few play. So you have less valvenoise.

Maybe this can be the solution for your Problems?

BTW: I hope you understand my english. Some words i donīt know i looked at




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