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New here => RJB
16.06.19 20:59

New here => RJB

Hello HPN friends,

My name is Roel and I live in Holland. I'm an BMW 2V enthousiast and currently own two HPN bikes (#171 and #1142). Besides these bikes I'm on the HPN waiting list for #1143 since 12/2016. I also ride a BMW R80 (1985) with an Edelweiss Motorsport BigBore kit, R100R front fork, Hyperpro shock and 33/11 reardrive.

I bought this HPN bike in september 2016 from a really nice man in Unna. #171 started it's live as a 1988 R100GS but was converted by HPN at 8.500 km, has a HPN number in the motor, 1043ccm, short cylinders, twin spark and larger valves. Also a longer 5th gear. Everything TUV but for Holland that's not a 'must have'. The odometer shows 43.000 km at the moment. This yellow/black HPN rides very nice. It uses a bit of oil and smokes a bit. Except for that, it's a dreambike.

I have bought this bike as a R80G/S in 2014 for the purpose of allroad travelling. I changed a lot (DRZ frontfork, custom triples, Edelweiss Kraftpaket, TAG +50mm swing, TAG kevlar tank, etc) and got the weight down to 171 kg. I travelled to the Alpes, Belgian Ardennes and Norway. In july 2018 I had an accident in Luxembourg after my throttle got stuck (??). I hit the railing hard and the bike burned down. I had the frame examined by an metalurgist and sent to HPN for repair and reinforcement. The G/S now has HPN number #1142. I rebuild the rest myself and started the bike last week. I mounted the DRZ fork again, it's a better drive than the fork in the #171.

Before the accident:


HPN-171-1.jpg HPN-171-1.jpg (79x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 198 kB

HPN-171-2.JPG HPN-171-2.JPG (84x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 433 kB

HPN-171-4.jpg HPN-171-4.jpg (79x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 207 kB

HPN-1142-2.jpg HPN-1142-2.jpg (82x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 232 kB

HPN-1142-1.jpg HPN-1142-1.jpg (72x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 219 kB

HPN-1142-5.jpg HPN-1142-5.jpg (84x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 98 kB

16.06.19 21:04

Re: New here => RJB

HPN-1142-6.jpg HPN-1142-6.jpg (82x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 79 kB

HPN-1142-10.jpg HPN-1142-10.jpg (83x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 284 kB

HPN-1142-11.jpg HPN-1142-11.jpg (82x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 332 kB

16.06.19 21:18

Re: New here => RJB

Some of the parts for rebuilding the bike:

Frame back from HPN, kevlar Rally tank from TAG Moto:

Back on wheels:

All bolts titanium, front axle and other parts too. Kevlar tank and carbon parts. Weight is 170,6 kg with all fluids but no gasoline:

I call my bike 'Phoenix', rise from the ashes:

This summer I will enjoy my bike again!

06.jpg 06.jpg (97x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 149 kB

05.jpg 05.jpg (86x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 112 kB

04.jpg 04.jpg (88x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 128 kB

03.jpg 03.jpg (95x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 148 kB

02.jpg 02.jpg (67x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 159 kB

01.jpg 01.jpg (74x)

Mime-Type: image/jpeg, 198 kB

16.06.19 21:26

Re: New here => RJB

Ich kann Deutsch lesen und wird versuchen auch im Deutsch zu antworten aber Ich finde es schwer mit die Technische Worte.

17.06.19 06:45

Re: New here => RJB

HI Roel,

welcome. Herzlich Willkommen.

Nice story and nice Bikes.


Schönen Gruß

17.06.19 11:04

Re: New here => RJB

Hallo Roel, welcome here!

17.06.19 18:12

Re: New here => RJB

Hallo Dave, itís a small world!

18.06.19 18:07

Re: New here => RJB

Hi Roel and welcome!

Hi Dave - I just saw your postings in the . . . thank you very much for the compliments
I should have weared a helmet on the pic riding on the stunt-trailer - would have been more professional!

Tomorrow I´ll start again to the Gibraltar Race, supported in the assistance by Memo-Tours, together with many NL-Riders. (I booked a chair in the biwak, a cool beer each evening and support with tyre changing - the rear tyre is awful to mount)