Re: Broken airmixture screw!

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Abgeschickt von Matz Rosenquist am 13 November, 2009 um 14:40:47

Antwort auf: Re: Broken airmixture screw! von Rainer am 12 November, 2009 um 17:17:58:

Hi Rainer!

: this is exactly the way to destroy the carb, I guess. ;-)
Yes, fortunatly I didn't do it myself!? It is a tricky thing to fix, no actual way to get around either!

: Whats about compressed air? But at first I would prepare it with a lot of WD40, Caramba, Ballistol.
I havn't tried the air-method, might be a good idea!
And WD-40 is the penetrating oil I've used! The broken end has been drenched in WD40 for some days now, but it won't budge!

WD40 normally fixes everything except personal problems, this is one more!


Have nice weekend, ALL!

: : Hi Hansen!

: : This is exactly the way I've tried to do it but no luck so far. Anyone who's got any other ideas?

: : Rgds
: : Mr MR


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