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Abgeschickt von mike am 13 Mai, 2009 um 21:42:00:

Antwort auf: Clutchhandle von Matz Rosenquist am 13 Mai, 2009 um 11:10:57:

Hi Matz,

I have an additional metalpiece which works as an enlargement at the gearbox holder.In case you need a picture...

: G'day All!

: I'm slowly (very slowly indeed!) converting an old G/S to an HP(n) and I've now run into a question regarding the clutchhandle. I want to replace the complete original unit with switches and all, and would like to replace it with a simple motocross/enduro-style handle.

: Which unit should I use?

: So far I'e tried a couple of standard handles but they have the same result: Not enough travel of the wire to free the clutch completely when changing gear.

: Kind regards
: Mr MR


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