Re: 2 discs brake R 80 GS

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Abgeschickt von Volker Martin am 01 Dezember, 2000 um 07:29:06:

Antwort auf: 2 discs brake R 80 GS von Jakub Dvoracek (CZ) am 30 November, 2000 um 18:43:46:


It is possible to add a second brake disc. You can buy a complett kit from different companys. It cost about 2000DM.

A good an cheap way to get a better performance from the front brake is a 320mm disc from a small dealer in south germany. It cost about 420DM an it works fine. I use this disc now for 30tkm and i had no problems with fading.
Even on faster rides through the alps, fading isnīt a problam anymore.

If you are interested:

If you want, i can send you a picture of this disc mounted on my r100gs.

Best regards



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