Re: looking for a 2000 Paris Dakar boxer

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Abgeschickt von Markus Kraus am 03 November, 2002 um 08:57:31

Antwort auf: Re: looking for a 2000 Paris Dakar boxer von oelzeug am 01 November, 2002 um 22:56:04:

Hi Eric,

the price that oelzeug told you is not correct. It includes the whole preparation for the rally, a second tuned engine, all the replacement parts etc. A standalone bike will be about half the price, that oelzeug proposed. Instead of believing in such rumours call Mr. Klaus Pepperl +49 8571 5300 and ask him about price and availability.
Witec doesn´t offer a cut engine with a separate oilswamp and their frame and swingarm design does not convince me.


: : Where can I buy an used or new HPN official PD version or replica of the 2000 model ?++

: hi erik,

: i suppose there is no chance to buy it. hpn sold the 2001 version to lundmark for at about 80 000 euro..

: you may look for similar versions at witec.

: regards

: oelzeug


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