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Abgeschickt von josef am 19 November, 2001 um 09:49:23:

Antwort auf: Camshaft von Matz Rosenquist am 19 November, 2001 um 09:23:10:

Hi Matz,

It depends on what purpose You're riding that machine. If everything else remains original, the original camshaft may be the best choice. If You intend to put in the 1000ccm Kit (from Siebenrock for example), another camshaft may help to make Your engine a very special one.
For the best torque-values, a 296 may be ideal, to get more output at higher revs, a 320 would be fine. So maybe You first make clear for yourself what You're looking for and then You decide.
Happy skrewdriving!



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