Re: R100 GS + R1100 swingarm & wheel

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Abgeschickt von ARAL am 25 Oktober, 2005 um 23:35:40:

Antwort auf: R100 GS + R1100 swingarm & wheel von Matz Rosenquist am 25 Oktober, 2005 um 22:09:18:

Hello Mr MR!

There is no big problem with the 20mm out of line. My Basic with 1150 swingarm also has the back wheel about 20mm out of line. Whith the front wheel in the middle of the (Marzocchi Magnum-) fork the bike steers a little bit to the right, but you only feel it when you take the hands off the handlebar. Now I set the front wheel about 8mm to the left to reduce the side-force on the break. That exactly compensates the 20mm out of line of the back wheel but leads to heavy side forces on the fork while pulling the break.



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