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Abgeschickt von Leif B.S. am 22 Oktober, 2005 um 17:38:40:

Antwort auf: Frage:Enduro Bekleidung von D.M. am 22 Oktober, 2005 um 08:06:43:


Ideal choice of clothing depends on where you are travelling, to a warm- and/or dry clima, or to a cold- and/or wet.
Driving-suits with removable gore-tex inner-lining is a plus for driving in a warm clima zone.
My personal choice the last years has been the "Hein Gericke Touareg" (inexpensive, good fit, ok quality, removable gore-tex lining).
Boots: "Daytona Trans Open GTX" (fantastic boots, expensive, super quality, robust, good walking-comfort).
I would not recommend suits with too many zippers etc., as all that stuff have a tendency to break.
(Regarding BMW's suits: "Savannah II" should be a good choice. But, I'm _not_ convinced regarding the BMW Rallye-suit).
PS. If you plan to visit the "Primus-treff" in Norwegen in january at -30 degrees, then you should rather pick a snowmobile-suit or similar...


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