Re: Getriebe, why pitting on gearwheel.

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Abgeschickt von Sven Tiberg am 30 September, 2002 um 14:36:02

Antwort auf: Re: Getriebe, why pitting on gearwheel. von Christian L. am 23 September, 2002 um 18:04:27:

Hi Christian.
You are right about 15 degrees vs. 17.5 inclination. Mounted a +6% 5'th gearwheel in a -76 gearbox, and both grearwheel and outputshaft where weard down conic in only appr. 20kkm.
About pititing on gearwheels: have seen the same in other tuned airhead engines ( 90++HP engines ) and on slipping clutch tried both double springplates, racing clutches and spacers between clutchspring and flywheel. All works but with diffrent con. double springs and spacers are heavier to operate, raceing clutch has much closer from no engagement to full engagemant.

Or an oterh option use std. clutch and be carefull with rews by shifting gears. Not so fun though.

/ Sven-Erik .


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