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Abgeschickt von Matthias am 06 August, 2001 um 14:20:18

Antwort auf: Front suspension von RussellM am 06 August, 2001 um 05:55:23:

Hi Russel,

if you really want to build up a HPN Baja, be aware
that the front fork will be one of the cheap parts!
However, if you calculate the cost of a used fork,
the modifications inside for damping a 200 kg bike,
the new bridges (not sure if this is the correct name
for "Gabelbruecken"), bigger brake plate (200 kg
BMW vs. 110 kg KTM) and so on, you will not be
able to save much money this way...


: I'm interested in the HPN Baja or Adventure, however the front forks are very expensive, has anyone had any success with forks from another dirt bike (XR/CR/Husky/KTM etc)?
: Sorry for no German!
: Also, if anyone from HPN reads these, how do I get a quote for the frame modifications and further details?


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