Re: Where do I find the cost of secondhand bikes?

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Abgeschickt von Markus Kraus am 07 Juni, 2001 um 16:07:23

Antwort auf: Re: Where do I find the cost of secondhand bikes? von ede am 07 Juni, 2001 um 15:42:31:

Ede, you´re wrong. It is not possible to upgrade a 650cc engine to 800cc, because the block of both engines (800cc and 650cc) is not the same !
For a R65LS you should not pay more than 4500.-DM, even if it is in good condition.

: Forget about it,
: 650 ccm is far too less, I just upgraded my R80GS to 1000ccm and it was worth every penny, with the 650 you only have the option to upgrade to 800 because of the smaller zylinderheads and valves. Go for a 1000ccm GS, that´s your best bet. You should be able to find a decent one around Munich between 6.500 and 8.000,-.
: Good luck with your quest.
: give it a try at
: cheers
: ede


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