Re: building a 1972 r75/5 cafe style bike

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Abgeschickt von Alfons am 07 Mai, 2002 um 20:39:38

Antwort auf: Re: building a 1972 r75/5 cafe style bike von james mcintyre am 07 Mai, 2002 um 03:40:11:

: : i am sorry i cannot speak german.i have seen pictures of bmw cafe style in germany that looks problem here in the usa is that i cannot find a good sole cafe seat for a 1972/5 swb--are they available in germany ? any help would be appreciated=====james in houston texas

#Hi James
This site could be what you are looking for: They manufacture cafe seats, fairings, rear set foorests, clip-ons and other beemer accessories.

Ride safely



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