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Abgeschickt von Stefan am 22 Mai, 2001 um 10:50:39

Antwort auf: Tyre pressure von Matz Rosenquist am 21 Mai, 2001 um 11:28:29:

Hi Matz:
The holly hpn-forum - in its infinite wisdom - recommends the following pressure ratings for the TKC (for high curve-stability):
front 2,5 bar (min 2,3 bar)
rear 2,8 bar (min 2,5 bar)
(off road it is OK, too)
Enjoy your Kuh, summer is short in sweden.
Muh, Stefan

: Hi All! I've just installed a pair of TKC80's on my HPN, but can't get any information on what pressures to use. What does the collected wisdom of this group recommend? Both highway and off-road, please!

: Rgds
: Mr MR
: HPN GS1000 #3


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