Re: Spritzufuhr im Vergaser

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Abgeschickt von Wijnand Zwart am 18 Maerz, 2002 um 21:58:40

Antwort auf: Spritzufuhr im Vergaser von Stephan am 05 Maerz, 2002 um 15:04:22:

I had the same problem on my R100 with sidecar. The problem was that the fuel in the balance- fuelline over the gearbox (under the airfilter housing)was getting too warm! The result is that the fuel vapourises. The vapour bells hinder the fuel flow to the carburettor(s). The solution is fitting a longer fuelline between the T-pieces and run it behind the gearbox. Another solution would be removing the balance line at all! (Always need to use both fueltaps in that case)


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