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Abgeschickt von Matz Rosenquist am 07 Maerz, 2002 um 10:09:51

Antwort auf: Magura Kurzhubgasgriff von Joachim R. am 06 Maerz, 2002 um 13:06:07:

Morning Joachim and All!

: da ich gerade bei meiner Kuh einige Veränderungen vornehme, möchte ich auch einen Kurzhubgasgriff anbringen.

I presume you've got a "real" Kuh, a G/S with 32 mm Bings. If so, one very easy and cheap way of getting a "Kurzhubgasgriff" is to replace the present camgear in the handle. Use the one from an R100 RS, or perhaps from any bike with 40 mm Bings. That segment has got a camlobe on it, resulting in a progressive opening of the butterfly and resulting in much shorter throw.

I've done this on my G/S PD when used for enduroracing and it worked very well. Drawback is increased force needed, but still tolerable. Advantage is, you keep all the rest of the switchgear.

Happy turning!



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