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Abgeschickt von Leif B.S. am 22 Maerz, 2001 um 20:12:10

Antwort auf: Re: Markus; ehrliches antwort ! von Ben am 15 Maerz, 2001 um 18:55:08:

: : The oil was sponsored by Castrol. I donīt know what type of oil they did use, sorry.
: : Regards
: : Markus

: : : What oil did HPN use in their Paris/Dakar air-cooled twins ?

: : : Ben

: O.K. Markus,thanks!
: Which oil HPN recommend for the air-cooled twin ?
: What about the synthetic/oilpressure with synthetic ?

Hi Ben!
The answer I have from HPN is as follows:
For ordinary driving use either mineral oil or synthetic oil as you wish (one at the time:)
You do not have any advantages by using synthetic oil, however the mineral oil is both cheaper and easier to get hold of in remote parts of the world (for refilling purposes). OK?!
Best regards


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