Re: 1100 swingarm on r 80 frame

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Abgeschickt von Marco am 02 Februar, 2002 um 08:17:06:

Antwort auf: Re: 1100 swingarm on r 80 frame von Marco am 30 Januar, 2002 um 15:32:20:

Hello Marco,

that sounds good.

I will wait for your next "prototype" report, concerning this redesign of your swing arm.
Please keep in touch with!

I have build a G/S swing arm (plus 100mm) for my paralever GS 80. I will now assemble this new longer swing and the M1 fork into the GS 80.
I hope the bike will drive correctly.

Further on I will also try to weld my 1100GS swing arm, but I am a liddle frigthened concerning weld process.

Best regards


: Hi Hamburg,

: I'm really going to weld a LARGE plate on the cardan surface. Before doing it of course I'll bring to a friend of mine who is an aluminium specialist to check exactely the composition of the material before proceeding to weld.

: This configuration will allow a smooth travel of the rear arm. Otherwise I should mount the shock in the middle moving battery and maybe filter unit.
: I'll give you detailed information after I'll have done it.

: Ciao
: Marco


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