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Abgeschickt von Matz Rosenquist am 01 Februar, 2002 um 09:43:26

Antwort auf: Re: 1043 cc, Contact SMC (Your national RRO) von Christian L. am 31 Januar, 2002 um 18:32:15:

Hi Christian!

: In my opinion it is a matter of technical regulations concerning the import of a bike from a EU member country in to Sweden.
: And about how Sweden is dealing and /or accepting technical regulations from EU member states.
Yes, so it is. As all vehicles manufactured/homlogated in European countries are accepted per the same standards, it's no problem to import any vehicel to/from any other country inside EU. As long as you stay within the homologation!!!

: You must make a difference for the "Gutachten". There are two of them.
: First, it was all at national levels.
: But with the introduction of harmonised testing procedures at the EU level, things have changed considerably.
: Check what you have. If you have a German "ABE" (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis valid only at a national level) or a "EU-ABE".
This was news to me! I have seen all three, the TÜV, ABE, and EU-ABE, but had no knowledge what it really means. Nor the differneces.

: The "EU-ABE" clearly states that the vehicle or part bearing it is legal in every EU member state!
: To my understanding, if the 1042 kit has "EU-ABE", your authorities are at fault if they deny you the import of this bike.
You've almost made my day! How do I find this out? Is there anyone else out there who knows about this?? If this is the case, I don't have any problem!!

: I remember that at the beginning of 2001, they (read SMC) was fighting this issue with the Swedish government.
Yes I'm aware of this. They have written a short description on the issue of import. It's a simple but good document.

: At that moment, I wrote an extended report for SMC about the practices of registration and roadworthiness testing here in Germany.
Is there any chance of getting a copy? Would be interesting to read.

: Hope to have given some help.
Yes, very much thank you! Have to investigate about the EU-ABE.



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