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Abgeschickt von Matz Rosenquist am 01 Februar, 2002 um 09:18:40

Antwort auf: Re: 1043 cc von ede am 31 Januar, 2002 um 16:05:05:

Hi Ede!

>what exactly are your authorities complaining >about? Is it the extra ccm or the power?
Basically it has nothing to do either. Sounds odd maybe, but it's a question of two sets of documents, one the describes in detail how the Swedish Basic's are homologated, and another set describing the Basic I'm importing. If these two sets of documents are not equal, the bike will not be registred in Sweden. The difference may be of any kind, soundlevel, hp's, cc's or whatever.

>there is an official file from BMW which takes >care about a variety of part transfers between >BMW models. I can have a look and copy that >department.
This sounds promising! Please do and let me know, either on- or off-list.

>In general I always thought it could not get any >worse than in Germany
Importing any vehicle to Sweden has become very easy as long it corresponds to similar Swedish vehicle. If there's a difference, you're in for problems.

>another department, maybe you just hit a >particular bad employee at a particular poor >department. Try another city, or ask a mechanik >about his contacts for similar cases.
I've been in contact with the technical information dept at the SBP (equivalent to TÜV). The guy I was talking to was very friendly but a pure bureaucrat!! So, no go!

>Normally there is always a way.
Yes, I haven't given up yet!!

Thanks very much!



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