Re: Dakar: Lundmark, BMW Nr. 16 (Motorschaden)

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Abgeschickt von Markus Kraus am 08 Januar, 2002 um 16:00:48

Antwort auf: Re: Dakar: Lundmark, BMW Nr. 16 (Motorschaden) von Matz Rosenquist am 08 Januar, 2002 um 10:47:38:

Hi Matz, thanks a lot for your translation. I was still waiting for the german / english text on PGs homepage, when i saw your info here. As far as i remember, the clutch of a R1200C had been used in the past. But, well, in the last Dakar the engine was not that strong, because it had had only 900cc.

: Hi All!

: Just read on PG's homepage about his technical problems.
: Clutch is broken and so was the servicetruck when arrived back to Atar early this morning! End of story!
: A new clutch had been fitted during the restday. After 25 km's it started to slip. Suddenly the handle went stiff, but the clutch didn't slip so he went on. Another 40 km's and it broke and the race was over for PG! He felt empty........

: Does anyone know what kind of clutch is used on the RR's? Markus??

: Rgds
: Mr MR
: HPN GS1000 #3


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