Catalog request:

There are two ways to get our catalog:

1. You can download the english version in PDF-format (about 7MB !).
2. You can get a printed version in german language and download the english translation (pdf-Format - text only, 37k) here.

Due to the amount of requests for our catalog, we have to raise a fee for sending it:

within price
Germany 4,60 Euro
EU-countries 7,67 Euro
other countries (US) 10,23 Euro
At the moment, the printed version is only available in
german language.

HPN accepts Euro-/Mastercard, Visacard, JCB-Card, American Express. Please give us a call +49 8571 5300 or transmit creditcard number and its expiration date by fax +49 8571 1081 and we will immediately send you our current catalog. The catalog is in german language, an english translation is available here (pdf-Format, 37k).

For security reasons, the webformular to transmit your credit card number
is no longer available.

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